Friday, January 9, 2009


Bad vomiting today. Again.

Sunday night, I made enchiladas for dinner (I've made these a bunch of times - we love them). We sat down to eat, and Chris took a bite before me and made a face. lol I took a bite and soon realized they were GROSS. Like, totally bitter and disgusting. We narrowed it down to the wrap tasting bad, because the cheesy meat inside tasted totally normal. We threw what was on our plates and what was left in the pan out. I am usually super cautious about expiration dates, etc., but I did look on the wrap bag and realize that the wraps had expired on Dec. 27th. I just figured, okay, not horrible, because it's not like they were moldy or anything - I threw those away, too.


Monday morning, I was getting ready for school, and just as I was about to go downstairs to make breakfast, I knew it was coming. I'll spare you the disgusting details, but suffice it to say that it was very, very violent puking. It was horrible and I wanted to die. Unforunately, call-offs have to be made by 6 am and it was about 6:40 at this time. I felt "better" after I puked and Chris reminded me that if I got to school and couldn't make it through the day, to just come home. I didn't feel that great, and had an upset stomach, but somehow I made it through the day. No more puking, however!

I knew it would be weird to start puking at exactly 12 w, so I chalked it up to food poisoning. However, Chris didn't get sick at all, which I thought was weird.

I didn't throw up or feel sick on Tues, Wed, or Thurs.

Last night, I made taco salad (also with ground beef). Well, surprise, surprise! I woke up, got ready, and realized with dread that it was going to happen again. And this time it was waaay worse. Ugh. It was about 6:30, but I didn't care - there was no way I was going through this again. Besides, this time it felt like I could puke again at any time. I called my principals, and went back to bed. My stomach did get upset, but I slept for a few hours and when I woke up I had some saltines and a little cold water. I feel better now.

So, my question is, is it the beef or what? Chris thinks it is the Mexican spices in both foods, because our beef is from Chris's uncle's cows and we've never had a problem with his meat before. Also, the beef last night came directly from the freezer and I defrosted it in the micro. I would think that he's right, but I'm so depressed because I love Mexican food! He thinks maybe it's just too strong for my stomach to handle during pregnancy. I'm not sure what I think.

Anyone care to put in their two cents?

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Mary said...

Ya stay away from meat and those spices. Not worth trying to figure it out! Poor Jessica! I shall pray for ya girl! (I threw up I think til week 21 w/Lance and the vomiting didn't start right away either.)