Saturday, January 3, 2009

To me, pregnancy is 8 months of try-not-to-get-hysterical-because-something-might-be-wrong. I mean, until the baby starts moving in a couple of months, I have idea if it's healthy/alive/safe until I see it on the ultrasound machine. God has been very good to me, and I have been able to see this baby 3 times already (I'm only 11 w 5 d today). I know most women only get to see their baby at their 20 w ultrasound, so I'm very grateful that I've had this opportunity. Still, the last time I saw the baby was in the 8th week, so for 3 weeks I'e silently wondered if everything was okay.

I try to stay very positive - a) because I know God's looking out for me, and b) because stress is really bad for the baby. However, when we pulled up to the testing center on Friday, I felt so sick to my stomach. But my fears were soon put to rest! We had a super nice ultrasound technician, who confirmed that my baby has two hemispheres in its brain, two legs, two arms, and a nice strong heartbeat of 169 bpm (yes, I know you will all think I'm having a girl! lol).

Chris and I were getting the biggest kick out of our baby - it was literally doing sommersaults in the womb! The technician was begging it out loud to stay put! I was trying SO hard not to laugh, but it definitely didn't help that Chris was laughing right next to me. At one point she finally said, "So, your child's now doing leg lifts!" haha It was THE cutest thing! Our baby was laying on its back, with both of its knees slightly bent, lifting its legs up in the air in sync. Like it was watching an exercise dvd! The poor lady was having a terrible time getting measurements.

She turned to get a different instrument, and of course, our child completely falls asleep. Um, narcolepsy? :) For the second measurment, she needed it to be awake, so she starts jiggling my belly with the probe and begging it to wake up.

All in all, it was hilarious - if you know Chris, this baby is definitely taking after its goofy daddy.

I just laid there, taking it all in, thanking God for keeping my baby healthy and unquestionably alive.

Oh, and p.s. - we will know the gender on March 2nd! I can hardly wait!!!! :)


Heather said...

sooooo coooool! I can't wait!

Mary said...

That is beyond amazing!