Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dinner Idea for You!

Since beef and I are on the outs right now (and we usually had some form of beef at least 2x a week), I've been forced to be more creative with mealtimes.  Pork is one meat that I've always been "afraid" of - my mom didn't cook with it a lot growing up, so I don't think I bought it until a few months ago when I decided that I could use pork tenderloins (I think that's what they're called) to cut up for stir-fry.  

I really wanted to try a pork roast, so I decided to buy one without giving any thought to the fact that I had no recipe for it!  I decided on a pork-shoulder-butt-roast.  It weighed a couple of pounds. I went on and found a recipe for a 5-lb crockpot pork roast.  The ingredients were pork, salt and pepper, beef broth, BBQ sauce, and coffee.  However, after reading some comments, I learned that the coffee and beef broth weren't even necessary - which is good b/c I can't stand the smell or taste of coffee now, and I didn't have the beef broth in the house!  

Monday morning, I put my roast in the crockpot, sprinkled it with pepper, filled a small canning jar (!) with water, and dumped it in.  Then I sprinkled some onion soup mix around the water to give it a little flavor, and squeezed a few squirts of BBQ sauce on top.  I put it on low for 8 hrs.  

I came home from work, and it smelled heavenly!!  I squeezed a bunch more BBQ sauce on top, and let it cook for about 20 more minutes.  Then I pulled it out and shredded it, and added a few spoonfuls of the "broth" to the meat pile, just to flavor it some more.  Chris and I ate it on big buns with some extra BBQ sauce on top, with homemade pasta salad on the side.  

All I can say is that we were drooling!  This is definitely a keeper! :)

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